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State Rideshop is a bike, board, service, and lifestyle apparel shop located in Tempe, Arizona, right on ASU campus.  ASU is a large campus and Tempe is a big city.  Navigating either-of-which by foot really isn’t the best option.  Insert State Rideshop.  We offer bicycles in a variety of prices and styles, including fixed-gear/single speed, beach cruisers, city bikes, mountain bikes, CX bikes, and fat bikes.  We also offer quality skateboards/longboards, including build-your-own plastic-mini boards and a variety of longboards/mini-cruisers from Landyachtz, Arbor, Arties, and Globe.  Additionally, we have a team of mechanics on staff to service your bike or board, from simple flat tire repairs and bearing changes, to full-tune ups and cleaning overhauls.  






We service all types of bikes and boards, no matter where you bought it, got it, or found it.  Lastly, we offer lifestyle apparel from dozens of famous brands, including t-shirts, hoodies, tanks, sunglasses, and headwear, from brands such as Reef, Oakley, State Bicycle Co., Globe, Lanyachtz, DatMat, State48, Stun Glasses, and more.  






  • State Bicycle Co

  • HBBC (Huntington Beach Bike Co.)


Skateboard / longboard:

  • Arbor
  • Arties
  • Landyachtz
  • Globe



Bicycle / Skateboard parts & Accessories:

  • Kryptonite
  • PDW
  • Lazer
  • State Bicycle Co.
  • Hold Fast
  • Serfas
  • Arties
  • Bear Trucks
  • Hawgs Wheels

Lifestyle & Apparel:

  • Oakley
  • Reef
  • State Bicycle Co.
  • State48
  • Stun Glasses
  • DatMat


Our ProDuct


Services and Rates


Assemble Single Speed - $50

Assemble Geared - $70

Bar Tape Install- $10

Bottom Bracket Overhaul - $15

Box Bike - $50

Brake Adjustment- $10

Brake Pad Install - $10

Cable Replacement - $12 each plus Cable & Housing

Cassette/ Freewheel Swap- $8

Chain Install- $5

Crank Install- $15

Derailleur Adjust- $12 per Derailleur

Derailleur Swap- $20

Handlebar Swap- $8

Headset Adjustment- $10



Hub Adjustment (front)- $15

Hub Adjustment (Rear)- $20

Pedal Install- $8

Rush Service- $20

Saddle Install - $6

Seatpost Install - $6

Single Speed Tune - $40

Stem Swap- $7

Tire Change- $8

Tube Change- $8

Tube Sealant Add - $7

Tune-up Geared Bike- $40-$80

Tune-up Single Speed- $40

Wash/ Clean- $10

Wheel True - $25-35







Address: 922 E. Apache Blvd. Suite #108 Tempe, AZ 85281

Shop Hours:

Monday - Friday:  10:30am to 8pm

 Saturday &Sunday: 10:30am to 6pm

Shop Phone Number: 602.253.4653


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